Uranian Astrologer Sevilay Ericdem

Sevilay Eriçdem was born in 1969, Ankara Capital City in Turkey. She finished her university education at Ankara Gazi University and The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Public Finance. During her university education she took English training in Turkish American Association (TAD) and worked as an English instructor in the same association until she graduates. Astrology has always been a passion for Sevilay Eriçdem. In 1999, she started to engage in astrology professionally.  She is involved in ‘AFA’ – American Federation of Astrologers) and Astrologers Community organizations as well as Kepler. Afterwards, she carried out researches in different fields of astrology and finally focused on Uranian Astrology. From 2010, she took individual lessons for three years from Martha Lang-Westcott who is cult American astrologer in the field of Uranian Astrology and became the most efficacious practitioner of Uranian Astrology.  She still carries out studies on social platforms to make widespread the use of Uranian Astrology method and introduce the asteroids. Sevilay Eriçdem has been working as an instructor in the field of Uranian Astrology and Asteroids since 2015. At the same year, she has got her name as branding Uranian Astrology Sevilay Eriçdem. In 2016, she wrote a book by the name of “URANIAN ASTROLOGY”.  In 2017 she wrote and publish second book with the name of “MAGICAL WORLD OF ASTEROIDS” with her own company. She has her own astrology school “THE SCHOOL OF COSMIC CONSCIOUNESS” and she has own educational staff since 2015. She and her colleagues of astrology teacher staff are giving lectures, classes, seminars or many kinds of astrological event in Istanbul. She has educated many students until now and she is graduating almost 300 students yearly. In 2020 she is preparing of her third book about the “TIMING AND DELINEATION IN URANIAN ASTROLOGY” in her studies and almost ready to publish with her company again.